Writing death scenes

I don’t know which is harder to write. The actual death scene itself or the ultimate fallout after the death.

My characters are challenging me now, especially having to play out the demise of a beloved characters who shouldn’t have to die. But it is what it is and they have made it clear how this ends.

Still, I’d hoped for a happily ever after but it isn’t meant to be. So I’ll cry my way through another one, and live through what my characters do. With any luck, the reader will understand and accept the fate the characters have put in place.

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Its Alive!!

So I’ve been in a hole. And Covid-19 hasn’t made it much better. However, my alter ego Aziza Sphinx has finally decided to let a story go. So if you don’t mind playing on the darkside and need a little risque in your life, then check out the latest release.


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Apparently, Quinn has more to say.

Quinn’s story was supposed to be a short. A tied readers over, between the books, short. I think I was wrong. Maybe that’s why the story keeps disappearing. While I’m not yet convinced there is enough meat for it to be a full Agency novel, it is now squarely in novella territory. And in case y’all Loving Dasia folks want to know who Quinn is, RIP has always had a gang of children, Quinn is the oldest, the illegitimate child. But its not what you think……


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The Agency..Still on SALE

Still on sale for the holidays just click from my site www.anagiawright.com. Or maybe you’d like to win a free copy. Well click here to enter to win.


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NANO 2019 lesson one


Photo by Mateus Souza from Pexels

Writing for me, like many others, is a deeply personal experience. When I sit to put pen to paper a part of myself pours onto the page. This process, however, potentially carries a darker side, one resulting in panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.

NANO this year reminded me of this lesson. As I pushed to stick to my plan, get as far ahead as I can early, I neglected the necessary self care. And so I sit here now, on the verge of a mental break because I didn’t do what was asked of me. And while I am grateful for the revelations bestowed upon me by my characters, the confirmation of their plan, I am left troubled and unsure of where to go next.

As a pantser, I sometimes believe in allowing things to come as they should. I blindly trust the process opening myself to the lack of compassion and abuse deemed necessary by my characters for them to tell their stories their way. There is not balancing act. No truce. It is their way or THEIR WAY!

So now as their puppet I sit here with both confirmation and questions. Do I continue to allow them to forge the path? Do I bow entirely to their whims? Can I survive this mental assault in tact? I do not know.

But what I do know is this.  To my characters I have this to say:

I get it now. I know why you would not allow me to write the other story until you told me this one. That I could not have imagined the power of this character until you revealed her origins. I too am proud of her. I was wrong and now I see that. So I wait for your next revelation, that next ah ha moment so that I can tell your stories, the way you require them to be told.




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Pantsers can be winners too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Take it from my alter ego Aziza Sphinx, you can do anything you put your mind to.


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I gave birth

Okay so I did and didn’t. From a writer’s perspective, each project can be like giving birth. We pour ourselves into our works: mind, body, soul and occasionally blood, sweat and tears. We keep track of the process watching as the work grows. We face setbacks, questioning our decision or facing the unexpected and coming to terms with it. This has been the process with this long coming book.  After the incubation period; the growth and nourishment. The helping and holding it has come to this moment.

Now I shall allow it to go forth in my sharing the latest Guatreaux family saga.

Purchase either from the website or Click Here for ebooks.

The Agency: Reviving Resurrection

A former terminator for The Agency, G swore off killing people when he married the love of his life. He kept his word until his eldest son, Marius, goes missing and a past partner shows up on his doorstep with a message: move your family now.

Agency top officials have been compromised, and word around is someone is trying to revive Resurrection, a top-secret cloning project that never should have been. G and his comrades are sucked back into a world of deception where the only people they can trust are each other. Or can they?

They embark on this secret mission only to discover things are not always what they seem. While their intelligence indicates the current head of The Agency is the source of their trouble, could the truth be that they are all pawns in someone else’s game.

Available Now


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Anime is littered with badass characters ,most of them fair-skinned. This often makes us overlook some other characters of colour in the respective series that stand out in no obvious way but when you think about it, are in fact badasses themselves. This a list of some black characters in anime that are actually quite badass when you think about it.

1. Killer Bee (Naruto Shippuden)


A shinobi from Kumogakure,  he made his debut in episode 142 of Naruto Shippuden. He is the current jinchūriki of the Eight-tailed demon beast from Naruto. Unlike other jinchūriki, he was he was able to befriend his demon Beast and was also the person who taught Naruto to befriend his tailed Beast. Reliable on the battlefield, and one of the very few people to ever learn the lightning release. He was able to single-handedly defeat  team Taka which consisted of Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo…

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Come by and see me. Aziza Sphinx is playing.


I’ll be reading an excerpt from this book on Wednesday October 17th at the Monday Night Garage in Atlanta. Here’s a little taste. Click here.


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The Agency: Reviving Resurrection

The final final. It is all coming together!!!!

Loving Dasia fans, here you go:

The Agency by Ana'Gia Wright - Front.png

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