Burning rubber and flaming emotions

This is one of those middle of the night open road full throttle angry gear shifting tear falling all out emotional rubber burning in a race car songs. And I think my #CarolinaDrift chick is in this mood. But she gonna have to wait om me to finish with my fire crew.

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Fairytales with a twist

I decide to play in the dark for a while and thought, why not redo some fairytale? Thus, the birth of Funky Fairytales. Take a walk through these darkened woods but do mind the things that go bump in the night.

Amazon: http://bit.ly/FairtyaleV1

Other Book Retailers: https://books2read.com/u/3LRMJ7

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Naughty naughty chocolatier

I think I might like the direction this story is headed.

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A Licentious Storm was nominated

I’ve been playing the dark for a while (Aziza Sphinx has surfaced more than Ana’Gia) and my alter ego received nominations for two categories for A Licentious Storm.

I made the nominations. Feel free to vote for me for Black Author Queen (Aziza Sphinx) and Best Black Paranormal Book (A Licentious Storm). https://www.blackgirlswhowrite.com/2020awards

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Motivation: The NANO Writer edition

My NANO plan this year was to be a “plantser.” Traditionally I am 100% pantser sitting down in front of the computer and letting the chips fall where they may. That’s not to say I haven’t planned a novel before. A few years back when I wrote my Urban Drama, Doubletake, I outlined chapter by chapter and pretty much stuck to the script. Because, well, that’s how the characters gave me the story.

But back to the madness of 2020. How does the saying go? The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Well my story has definitely gone awry. But you know what, that is 100% ok. You see, while I can’t speak for everyone, I know what works for me and that means sometimes going all in with nothing and other times going in with something but accepting that things might not follow my plan.

My characters can change their minds as we journey together.  We grow together facing the challenges I present them with or ones we’ve stumbled upon as the story progresses and becomes more than just an idea floating around in the universe. Unexpected visitors are okay, they bring color and flavor advice and adversities and all around make life, fictional or not, that much more interesting.

So, if you had a plan and it has taken a turn, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve hit a brick wall in your story, step back and take another turn. One of my favorite genres of books is Choose Your Own Adventure books. As a reader you get to make decisions on how the story unfolds. At the end of every chapter, the reader is presented with options to determine which way the story goes. Consider this approach working through what I like to call “writer’s avoidance.” Be okay with stepping away from the plan. Let your characters love, hate, experience impatience and frustration. Let them experience the full breath of possibilities and I can assure you the kick in the pants will get your going again.

Don’t give up. 50K is just around the corner, you just have to believe and put in the work with or without a plan.

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Snippet from my upcoming release

I’ve been playing in the dark for a while now (my alter ego Aziza-Sphinx likes the darkside) but I haven’t forgotten about the light. While I work on my next release, Towing Love, here’s a little something to whet your whistle if you have a taste of vampire love stories.


“Drowning yourself in bourbon? Really Neimiah? I expected more of you after all these years.”

Neimiah cut his eye at the redhead easing in to sit next to him. He’d chosen the booth in the back, tucked away in the corner against the far wall and the bar. A booth shrouded in darkness, the flickering of a soon to burn out bulb casting an eerie glow from time to time before it succumbed to a low pulsing hum. “Valencia.” Emptying the glass, he carefully placed it on the table. “Better than that tasteless vodka you find so enjoyable.”

“Bad day?” She replied with a smirk in her voice.

“What tipped you off?” He gestured for the bartender to send over another shot. Instead, two glasses and the remainder of the bottle appeared before them, the waitress tipping her head as she placed the items on the table and sauntered away. He noticed the curve of the woman’s hips, the soft roundedness of her behind. The way her waist narrowed accentuated by the pink sequence band breaking the plane of black created by her bodysuit.

The clanking of glass drew his attention away from wicked thoughts, back to his visitor. Valencia had poured him another shot. She tapped his hand away as he reached for the glass. “Why pour if you aren’t going to let me drink?”

“Because you need something stronger. Think your day has been bad so far, you’re wholly unprepared for what I need to tell you.”  

He watched as she drew a vial of glowing blue liquid from the folds of flesh between her breast. He remembered their softness under his fingertips, the way her body reacted when his warm breath tickled her skin.

“Stop it Neimiah.”

Her words slapped him out of the trance, his mouth closing in the process. Had he been drooling? And worst of all, had she been feeling what he was feeling?

Silently, she allowed three drops of the liquid to fall into his drink. Three. A definitive number in their world where the binding of triads signified the beginning, the middle, and the end for those powerful enough to create and sustain the connection. Though only two of their three remained together, his master still maintained the balance in the physical absence of the third of their triad.

“Who gave you access to the Source?” He’d seen the liquid before, in what his master called a Haven. It looked like a giant chalice, large enough to submerge three sizable adults. From what he gathered, eavesdropping on his master and the others of her kind, the Source sustained them in their original realm, the home of their race, the Doridian. When they crossed over through the Devil’s triangle, the ones they found here named them Vampyre.

“The who is irrelevant. It is, however, a necessity for you at this juncture. Now drink.”

Pre-order your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HCTLB83

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Writing death scenes

I don’t know which is harder to write. The actual death scene itself or the ultimate fallout after the death.

My characters are challenging me now, especially having to play out the demise of a beloved characters who shouldn’t have to die. But it is what it is and they have made it clear how this ends.

Still, I’d hoped for a happily ever after but it isn’t meant to be. So I’ll cry my way through another one, and live through what my characters do. With any luck, the reader will understand and accept the fate the characters have put in place.

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Its Alive!!

So I’ve been in a hole. And Covid-19 hasn’t made it much better. However, my alter ego Aziza Sphinx has finally decided to let a story go. So if you don’t mind playing on the darkside and need a little risque in your life, then check out the latest release.


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Apparently, Quinn has more to say.

Quinn’s story was supposed to be a short. A tied readers over, between the books, short. I think I was wrong. Maybe that’s why the story keeps disappearing. While I’m not yet convinced there is enough meat for it to be a full Agency novel, it is now squarely in novella territory. And in case y’all Loving Dasia folks want to know who Quinn is, RIP has always had a gang of children, Quinn is the oldest, the illegitimate child. But its not what you think……


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The Agency..Still on SALE

Still on sale for the holidays just click from my site www.anagiawright.com. Or maybe you’d like to win a free copy. Well click here to enter to win.


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