Anime is littered with badass characters ,most of them fair-skinned. This often makes us overlook some other characters of colour in the respective series that stand out in no obvious way but when you think about it, are in fact badasses themselves. This a list of some black characters in anime that are actually quite badass when you think about it.

1. Killer Bee (Naruto Shippuden)


A shinobi from Kumogakure,  he made his debut in episode 142 of Naruto Shippuden. He is the current jinchūriki of the Eight-tailed demon beast from Naruto. Unlike other jinchūriki, he was he was able to befriend his demon Beast and was also the person who taught Naruto to befriend his tailed Beast. Reliable on the battlefield, and one of the very few people to ever learn the lightning release. He was able to single-handedly defeat  team Taka which consisted of Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo…

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Come by and see me. Aziza Sphinx is playing.


I’ll be reading an excerpt from this book on Wednesday October 17th at the Monday Night Garage in Atlanta. Here’s a little taste. Click here.


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The Agency: Reviving Resurrection

The final final. It is all coming together!!!!

Loving Dasia fans, here you go:

The Agency by Ana'Gia Wright - Front.png

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Birthday Giveaway

via Birthday Giveaway

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Twisted II is here


Good morning all!!!! Its official, Twisted II is here and only 99 cents. Come see what’s happening in Hail’s Hallows where someone made a deal with the devil and now the time has come to collect. The Ferryman is waiting to take you to the other side.

Purchase Twisted II

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Friday 13th: Twisted II Release Day

Tomorrow is release day for my alter ego and I couldn’t be happier. If you love twisted tales, then Twisted II is for you. Come visit with Aziza at the release party on Facebook: Online Release Party!!!

Title: Twisted II Anthology
Author: Gina A. Watson
Genre: Speculative Fiction

Twisted II

Where the twisted lurk and the horrors hide, will you find what lies within?

From horrifying demons and witches to ghosts haunting people and places. Strange creatures to strange places. If it’s twisted this anthology has it.

18 equally twisted stories by 19 amazing horror and paranormal authors.

Will you take the plunge into this twisted world?

Featuring authors…
Michael Young * Kelly Matsuura * Kerry E.B Black * Jack W. Finley * Jordanne Fuller * Jakki Hatchet * Liz Butcher * Duncan Swallow * Michael S. Walker * Aziza Sphinx * Shebat Legion * Beth W. Patterson * E.M. Valentine * Stacey Jaine McIntosh * Daniel J. Volpe * Scott Carruba * Carole Weave-Lane * Kerry Lee Holder * Gina A. Watson

On Sale Now: Amazon


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New favorite character quote


“It’s a bitch to clean is what it is. It’s on my take-down list,”


Read’em and Reap

A Wraith of Reaper novel

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