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Newsflash: Death wears pink panties!

Nero forbade me from wearing dark colors; something about them being an omen. Predictive and foreboding. And when Death forbids something, in most cases we listen. And I suppose no one expects a wraith –or reaper- to have a sunny … Continue reading

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The Break Through

The moment I realized that what I write is considered High Fantasy.

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NANO Week 2: What in the world.

Wow, as I plot and plan my NANO for this year, I ran across the blog post. Hope I don’t fee the same this year. I seriously considered not doing this post. After the week 2 experience, I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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We never sleep

Sleep is for the weak. Or at the very least for those who don’t clock in when they close their eyes to rest. Yva Vanguard #DareToDream

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