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Vote for this anthology

So every once in a while I dibble and dabble in short stories. Help us make this anthology a winner. Follow the link below and vote for Crossroads in the Dark II: Urban legends. And don’t forget to check out … Continue reading

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Unplanned sequel to the sequel and other updates

I’ll admit I’ve been M.I.A for a while. Life happens. Jobs, sick, and every now and then some writing. I accept the roller coaster ride that is my life and sometimes I just have to go with it. So here … Continue reading

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This I know is true

  There might have been a time when I believed truth to be true. But far too many years have now passed, and too much reality has set in for me to subscribe to this twisted view of existence. Free … Continue reading

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Welcome to Killany Pointe

Where bloodlines are tainted and secrets know no bounds… The Vault House Aziza Sphinx

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The Daemon Queen awakens

His scent was intoxicating. It made me weak in the knees as I drowned in the heavenly musk. It was also his greatest weapon, making me submit to desire whenever we crossed paths. -Valdis, Daemon Queen

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Demon Scorned

Hell hath no fury like Valdis scorned and all responsible for her banishment will rue the day they crossed her path.

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Deadly Dreamer’s ending

I don’t know why this is so hilarious to me but, I can see my characters celebrating at the end of this book like the parties they have at the end of the Hallmark Holiday movies. And this is the … Continue reading

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