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Once a Week on a Tuesday

  Once A Week on a Tuesday Lavenia Stokes- Wraith of Reapers Series   Once a week on a Tuesday I walk with the Shadow of Death He summons me down from the skies above From the quiet place where … Continue reading

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To my characters: I thank you.

Well, today I must bow down and say thanks to my characters. As much as we have a love/hate relationships, days like this I am glad they do what they do. I have lost a story and at this point … Continue reading

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Death is tap tap tapping at my door.

  Bodies Bodies Everywhere Death’s a knockin’ But I don’t care!! Lavenia Stokes..Wraith of Reapers

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Did she really say that?

That face you make when your character says something completely unexpected. #Didshereallyjustsaythat

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Side eye to my characters

That moment when your character reveals that they aren’t who they portrayed themselves to be and now half of your story doesn’t make sense. #NANOFrustration #NANOWannakilloffthischaracter

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Name on a tomb.

Seriously considering finishing Anastasia’s story. My name is Anastasia Maria Persephone Whitmore and cemeteries are my thing. Cemeteries are places we’ve all seen. The majority of us will probably end up here sooner or later. Most people wait until someone … Continue reading

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Tell him the truth girl.

Sometimes my characters tell me exactly what is going on with them.   I feel you Lavenia. I feel you. Tell him the truth.

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