Playing the Seesaw

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been away for a while.  2018 started off interesting, and while I intended to get back to giving tips on getting through writer’s block, I found myself drawn out on a tangent with my alter ego Aziza Sphinx taking the reigns.

The struggle is still real as I find myself now caught between two pieces of work, one to be finished and one to be started. The layers are piling on as N’Kanya Belle of Sun’suda claws her way to the forefront dropping essential facts about not only her current world but the one before. Meanwhile, Valids, my Burning Queen, demands that I correct the wrong I have done to her and her mate.

Tug of war is my current state. My characters have all decided they want to fight dirty. And at the moment, I am more than willing to comply. So, I’ll again crawl into my nightly cave, their whipping girl for the time being. But in the end, I feel as if they will get what is coming to them, and it might not be what they want.

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Drift me a Merry Christmas

Never too early to work on a holiday story. Think I’ll work on this one next.


Drift Me a Merry Christmas

I’m a party pooper. A scrooge if you will. I’ll admit it. But in my defense, the holiday season hasn’t exactly been kind to me. My mother died when I was 2. Two minutes, passed two hours, two days after Christmas. My dad followed two years later, leaving me bouncing from one home to another, never spending the holidays beneath the same roof until I turned 18 and the system bid me farewell. I dug myself out of the trenches but this happiest time of the year never felt so happy to me. That is until 6 months ago, when I decided I wanted to take my hobby of racing more serious. I met a new friend, and let’s just say he promised to Drift me a Merry Christmas. 

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Little Red Riding Hood Lied to y’all

23213140_10159637971970319_3599761930784225858_oIf you want to know the real story, Aziza Sphinx explains it all here: Click Here

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PSA Regarding Amazon Guidelines for Reviews

As an author, I both love reviews and appreciate each and every one of them. For those who do review my (or any) book, please consider the information in this article so that you can continue to show your support for the authors you read.

Shotgun Logic


PSA to reviewers and authors/publishers regarding Amazon’s revised review guidelines.

This little bit here is super important to observe:

“Book authors and publishers may continue to provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers, as long as the author or publisher does not require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review.”

This means that technically speaking, an author/publisher should not require a review in exchange for a book. Instead, offer the book for consideration. In my experience, that is the approach most industry professionals take anyway, so no major change there for most.

More importantly, it means that reviewers need to drop language such as the following from their reviews: “I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.” As far as Amazon is concerned, this means you were paid for a review and they will yank your review. Even more importantly, if they…

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Happy New Year from Ana’Gia Wright

Happy New Year.png

“New year, new you,” is a mantra passed along as far back as I can remember. However, reinvention of the self occurrs at any and all times. The start of a new calendar year does bring possibilities (like spending the first few weeks of the month trying to write the correct year) but these possibilies exist throughtout the year. So make sure you take advantage not just of the new year reset, but reset opportunities ever present throughout the year.


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The ‘how to’s’ of world-building

Good info here.

Richie Billing

If you’d like more writing tips you can get my eBook, This Craft We Call Writing: Volume One, for free by completing the form below. Inside you’ll find over 150 pages covering everything from dialogue, characterisation, prose and plotting, to writing fight scenes, viewpoint, and much more!

“I propose to speak about fairy-stories, though I am aware that this is a rash adventure. Faërie is a perilous land, and in it are pitfalls for the unwary and dungeons for the overbold.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

We read stories to become lost in new and unexplored worlds, ones filled with possibilities, mysteries, and oddities.  The world in which a story is set is important to any tale, particularly so when it comes to science fiction and fantasy.

This post will first explore the how to’s of world-building, and then the how to’s of revealing your crafted world through the story.

How do…

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Support National Author’s Day

Want to support an author on National Author’s Day? Well how about picking up one of my new releases, reading them, and leaving reviews. Or even as a gift. The holidays are upon us.

For the drama lover in your life:


In the grand scheme of things, Sheridan Malcolm has it all: a nice quiet life, a loving family and a successful contracting business. But beneath the pitter patter of little feet, thoughts of his past intrude upon his peace of mind. There is still a missing piece to the puzzle, one that he is not sure he is ready to face. Amira Malcolm stands by her husband in any endeavor he opts to undertake. When he is called away on business, her world is thrust into utter chaos. Her friends tell her they’ve seen Sheridan with other women and Amira doesn’t know what to think. Discovering she is pregnant, she tries to put the rumors to rest for the sake of her marriage and her unborn child. The pregnancy news comes as a shock to Sheridan, especially when the dates aren’t adding up. And with the accusations his wife is throwing his way, Sheridan starts to ask questions of his own. His mother always told him to keep his friends close and his family even closer. Could it be that someone from his past is sabotaging his future and if so, how far will they go to ruin his life?

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And inf you happen to love the darker side of life, my alter ego wants in on the sharing Author day as well:


In a carefully orchestrated set of events, Dakota Naverro finds herself face-to-face with Nicolay Constantine–a six-hundred year old Vampyre who seeks new meaning in his cumbersome existence and struggles to emerge from the dark shadows of his world.  Through her innocence, he pegs Dakota as the one entity who could guide his way back to the light.

But, there are darker things from darker days–closely guarded truths, lurking and threatening the pair.  Will Nicolay find his Dakota in time or will many lifetimes of lies be his downfall…and hers?

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