Taste the Doubletake

FrontCoverFINALIt’s back and better. Get a taste of drama with a little bit of love:

In the grand scheme of things, Sheridan Malcolm has it all: a quiet life, a loving family and a successful contracting business. But beneath the pitter patter of little feet, thoughts of his past intrude upon his peace of mind. There is still a missing piece to the puzzle, one that he is not sure he is ready to face.

Amira Malcolm stands by her husband in any endeavor he opts to undertake. When he is called away on business, her world is thrust into utter chaos. Her friends tell her they ’ve seen Sheridan with other women and Amira doesn’t know what to think. Discovering she is pregnant, she tries to put the rumors to rest for the sake of her marriage and her unborn child.

The pregnancy news comes as a shock to Sheridan, especially when the dates aren’t adding up. And with the accusations his wife is throwing his way, Sheridan starts to ask questions of his own. His mother always told him to keep his friends close and his family even closer. Could it be that someone from his past is sabotaging his future and if so, how far will they go to ruin his life?

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Return The Burning Queen


I didn’t mind the burning so much; the flames licking up my legs, my clothes sizzling and fading away into ash. This was a fire kingdom after all. The smell, on the other hand, was enough to send my stomach into somersaults. But that too quickly passed for the memories of home, both the good and the bad, ignited the fire within. No time to dawdle, I’ve got a kingdom to reclaim.

Valdis Rhonwen – The Burning Queen

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Sometimes I wonder if I am writing the right story. If the words on the page are more mine than those of the voices that haunt me in my sleep. They tug on my spirit dragging down my heart strings as one life is traded for another. This one feels different though. The whispering isn’t as strong, but the feeling is there, tearing at all that is inside of me. Like the beginning of the end.

It all withers before me, the looping of script pouring onto the page a testament to things that have been and yet to come. I remember some of them vividly, the stories playing over in my head. A cinematic representation of each breath. Even in sleep the work ticks on, another grain falls to the ending until the top holds no more. Was it a moment wasted? Was it an opportunity passed by as the body rests while the mind races on?

Some would fear the feeling, trying their best to escape the inevitable. I have no fear, aside from the suffering part. I’m okay with the end. It is the process of getting there that makes my mind cringe and nerves twitch. And so once again I wait for darkness to swarm. I wait for the cold to creep into my limbs until it all fades away and I am once again all and no more.

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Being Devilish


The moment your Beta reader bombards you with questions and you have to tell him to keep reading.

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Come See me July 1st

Me copy


Come visit with me (and my alter ego) July 1st: https://www.tlmlanguageservices.com/ 

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Been Too Long Carolina Drift


Oh Carolina Drift, has it really been 4 years since I’ve glanced your way? I feel it is time to complete Passion’s story. She’s been calling me and I only have a little left to go.

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Once a Week on a Tuesday



Once A Week on a Tuesday

Lavenia Stokes- Wraith of Reapers Series


Once a week on a Tuesday

I walk with the Shadow of Death

He summons me down from the skies above

From the quiet place where I’ve slept


Once a week on a Tuesday

The book says its time to collect

The sands run dry

An eye for an eye

Until only the ashes are left


Once a week on a Tuesday

Joy is a fleeting thought

My scythe comes down

With silence abound

From all of the battles we’ve fought


Once a week on a Tuesday

My duty is done as a guest

The Void it summons me back to its side

I’ve felt its cold hand as it crept


Once a week on a Tuesday

Death walks with me to the east

The sandman com’eth forth for me

For now it is time to sleep


Once a week on a Tuesday

No task is left for this beast

My bidding is done

And so sets the sun

And again I can rest in peace.


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