Freedom? Free?


24796030 guardians of the light

Gaze toward heavens

I once believe in the truth will set you free until one day I got a dose of reality and realized that my truth and your truth are all relative.
I cannot understand, though I can empathize and attempt to rationalize your perspective of the world but I will always fall short because I am not you, and you are not me, therefore, we cannot share the same reality.
Your path has its own twists and turns marred and scarred by the actions of those you’ve crossed paths with while I wind through the obstacle tossed along my journey jumping my own hurdles and crashing through the glass ceiling.
Only I’ll find another wall to climb or ball to dodge while you happen to rest in the brightness of your freedom.
I’m not jealous, far from it though an outsider looking in might see my world that way but I gather strength from the nails I’ve walked over, and the blood reminds me that I’m not the only one who has made it this far.
I won’t be the first or the last to endure, and endure I must to overcome and be that which I was placed in the place to be. A beacon of hope and home in the darkness of lost ways.
I honor thee and he and she and all of those who passed down the warrior DNA coursing through my veins. I promise I won’t forget.
Forgetting is what they want so that complacently can seep in, to negate the past, one that still lives on today for somewhere the record is on repeat and though the face may have changed, the truth still remains.
Set you free. Only you can do that. You control that destiny, not with the hands and feet that feel the world around. ‘Tis the head and the heart, the mind, and the spirit that regardless of what happens to the flesh decide the limits of your life.
Train the mind, fire those synapses and view the world with the third eye. Tap into the heart and let compassion and empathy lead the way for only then will you find the wholeness you seek and the truth and reality of all that is, all that was, and all that shall soon me.


About Ana'Gia Wright

Ana’Gia Wright is a firm believer that reading and writing go hand and hand. A Southerner through and through, she loves her peaches and pecans while curling up with a good book. A master of resourcefulness, her love of research leads her down paths of discovery that touch every aspect of her writing. Her love of reading ignited her passion for writing, leading her to frequently fill page after page with tales of her beloved characters’ adventures. An influence and an adversary, she loves to sprinkle facts about her beloved Georgia throughout her fictional worlds. Sneak peeks of her projects, including those by her alter ego Aziza Sphinx, are always available on her website
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