The time is NOW!

Landscape on Malta island with the sea and a nice sky

It was time. It is time. I knew and know that I must now get up and walk away before I have my final meeting with the one who always walks with me. If I see one more of those stories, one more image of my breather stripped of breath and life that I’d finally submit to the whispers of the one in the shadows whom I do not fear. For he and I have an understanding. We came here together, me dragging him through with a power I should not have had over him, or anyone else for that matter.

I have a secret. You see I’ve seen the plan. Unlike most. I saw it long before I came to this place; before I willing chose to cross into the light and agreed to swim in the form I now reside in. This be but a moment in the full spectrum of who and what I am in the greater of all. The plan stayed with me, though only bits and pieces jump to the forefront as a reminder of why I came back to this place.

The “befores” don’t matter, or at least not in a way that cannot be harnessed for progression of the why. For I acknowledge the illusion – the dripping of the water, the sand, to refill and begin yet again. They’re coming. And they’re coming back. He can no longer stop them because I am here, and he bound to me.

Open your eyes.

It is time.


About Ana'Gia Wright

Ana’Gia Wright is a firm believer that reading and writing go hand and hand. A Southerner through and through, she loves her peaches and pecans while curling up with a good book. A master of resourcefulness, her love of research leads her down paths of discovery that touch every aspect of her writing. Her love of reading ignited her passion for writing, leading her to frequently fill page after page with tales of her beloved characters’ adventures. An influence and an adversary, she loves to sprinkle facts about her beloved Georgia throughout her fictional worlds. Sneak peeks of her projects, including those by her alter ego Aziza Sphinx, are always available on her website
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