When Roses are Blue

Rose in hands on a dark blue background with a blue luminescence © 4ernavska | Dreamstime.com

Rose in hands on a dark blue background with a blue luminescence
© 4ernavska | Dreamstime.com

Spent the day pondering on this story. Looks like Gabriella and Price have decided that they no longer want to hang out in the land of unanswered questions. I guess this means that A Licentious Storm is going to have a companion. This crew however has found an affinity for the Jinn. Though I know not where the story will end I know I will have a wild ride in the process.

Here is a taste of the history of When Roses are Blue:

I should have never crawled out of bed this morning. I knew the minute I opened my eyes and felt the wetness between my thighs it was going to be a bad day. Still, I did what I always do. Somehow I convinced myself that it would be better once I got to work. I showered, dressed and headed out the door.

Well, work turned out to be one disaster after another. As soon as I stepped through the door I was bombarded with phone calls, emails and people yelling that the system was down and they couldn’t get any work done. It’s not my fault. I’m just a peon, the middle man, the scapegoat. Yell at me as much as you want, but I’m not the one who can fix the problem. So I made a few phone calls, sent a few email messages of my own and after about four hours of shutting myself in my office things eventually calmed down, or at least the work part of things.

I realized around one that I’d left my lunch sitting on the kitchen counter. Man, was that going to smell when I got home. Guess lunch was no longer an option. I didn’t have any money; payday was more than a week away. Guess missing one meal wasn’t going to be that bad. As I rambled through my desk drawers sure I had a package of crackers somewhere among the boxes of pens, pencils, and paper clips She stirred again.

I should have known when I woke to my underwear stuck to that sacred place that my desire, She as I called it, wasn’t going to let me make it through the day. She’d been more pronounced the last few days, actually, the last few weeks. I wasn’t sure why She was waking. She’d lain dormant within me for nearly a year now. I’d been single for almost as much time so her sleeping had been welcomed. But something now was nudging that part of me awake and I had no way of satisfying the lust filled hunger.


The sound of my name drew me from my momentary pondering of how I was going to keep Her under wraps. “Yes?”

I glanced over my desk to see the receptionist standing in my doorway holding a glass vase full of blue roses. Of course, this only made matters worse. Roses in any form delivered to me in this particular time in my life would have been a surprise. I wasn’t dating and as far as I knew I didn’t have any secret admirers. And had the roses been red, or white or yellow or even tangerine, I’d have thought one of my friends who’d seen my recent mood had cared enough to try to cheer me up, for I do love roses so. But blue roses were different. I knew who blue roses were from.


About Ana'Gia Wright

Ana’Gia Wright is a firm believer that reading and writing go hand and hand. A Southerner through and through, she loves her peaches and pecans while curling up with a good book. A master of resourcefulness, her love of research leads her down paths of discovery that touch every aspect of her writing. Her love of reading ignited her passion for writing, leading her to frequently fill page after page with tales of her beloved characters’ adventures. An influence and an adversary, she loves to sprinkle facts about her beloved Georgia throughout her fictional worlds. Sneak peeks of her projects, including those by her alter ego Aziza Sphinx, are always available on her website www.authoranagiawright.com
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