NANOWRIMO Week 2: How random was that?

Week 2 of NANO is always a challenge. Do I keep moving forward? Is all of this pointless? Maybe I should just scratch my story and start over? So many questions.

This year is no different. Well, maybe a little different. Apparently the theme for 2013 is-drum roll- How random was that? Stories are supposed to have structure. They are supposed to follow the preordained path established by me as the author. Unfortunately, it appears that my characters have other plans. To hell with the outline. We want to determine our own paths, blaze out own trails. I, as the author sometimes have no choice but to sit in the passenger seat and bow to the whim of those fickle people called characters.

If I’m quiet enough. If I listen with my head and my heart I might just learn something new. You see, I may have created this picture perfect process but the reality is that I am but a slave to the paper and pen. I can force the words to appear on the page until I am blue in the face but until that character has signed off on his story, until she has given her seal of approval then there is no sleep.

And so with an open mind and open heart I acknowledge my role. I accept my purpose and allow those voices that refused to be silenced to reveal their past, presents and futures for all to see.


About Ana'Gia Wright

Ana’Gia Wright is a firm believer that reading and writing go hand and hand. A Southerner through and through, she loves her peaches and pecans while curling up with a good book. A master of resourcefulness, her love of research leads her down paths of discovery that touch every aspect of her writing. Her love of reading ignited her passion for writing, leading her to frequently fill page after page with tales of her beloved characters’ adventures. An influence and an adversary, she loves to sprinkle facts about her beloved Georgia throughout her fictional worlds. Sneak peeks of her projects, including those by her alter ego Aziza Sphinx, are always available on her website
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